Spring is (almost) in the air!

horše ṭuuxi hemmenya (hello to you all),

We are proud to announce that Muwekma tribal member Grace Ruano has joined our team, working with us to gather and prepare our foods with prayer and intention and to staff the Cafe during our operating hours. This is an expression of tribal economic sovereignity for our Muwekma Ohlone Tribe, and we welcome Grace to our team!

We are growing, and we now offer three ways to experience Cafe Ohlone: 

  • tawwa-sii Tuesdays, tea hour at Cafe Ohlone, every Tuesday night from 5:30-6:30pm, with four different Native teas served each night, Ohlone small bites, and traditional games with music from Pomo DJ Ras K’Dee on the decks! No reservation necessary.

  • Our Thursday Tastings are thriving, with a seasonal, rotating menu for lunchtime meals every Thursday, 1-3pm, no reservation necessary.

  • Our Saturday night dinners, Mur, Evenings at Cafe Ohlone, are an elegant, intimate way to better understand Ohlone culture while enjoying several courses of our cuisine. We offer Saturday dinners a couple times a month, advance purchase only.

Speaking of our Saturday dinners, we will introduce a new, seasonal menu in February: smoked venison and chanterelle skewers served on a bed of fresh, nutrient-rich watercress. For our vegan friends, we didn’t forget about you! We have created a vegan-friendly skewers that are delicious.

All our events are centered on culture: prayer opens every meal, and elders are always served first. Recent highlights have included panels on Native food sovereignty; the Chairwoman of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe, Charlene Nijmeh, spoke about our Tribe’s efforts to repair the wounds of colonization; Joseph Arthur (Mewuk) led a traditional clamshell bead workshop; and elders from our Tribe have given us their blessings as they see foods from their childhood celebrated and eaten again with regularity.

We are proud of what we are accomplishing. We are grateful to our community, and our allies, for coming to Cafe Ohlone to support this work. This is what decolonization in action looks like, and we want to give tools and resources so that allies can stand up for our community and work together with our people for a future where Ohlone culture is respected and visible throughout our homeland. We are seeing positive change happen in front of our eyes.

We are planning to expand our hours yet again, with a new Sunday brunch service starting in March—sunwii Sundays. sunwii is our word in Chochenyo for breakfast, but we are expanding this to brunchtime!

Have you ever had an Ohlone brunch? It’s delicious! Think acorn flour pancakes with honey and fresh berries; duck egg frittatas cooked with watercress, pickleweed, and piñon; duck bacon; salmon smoked for hours wrapped in locally gathered herbs and served with soft boiled quail eggs with Ohlone salad; acorn hatole; bay nut-infused coffee with hand-pressed walnut milk; bay laurel blossom soda. Ras K’dee will be DJing and we’ll bring out our walnut dice to have gaming tournaments at the end of each meal. sunwii Sundays, noon to 2 pm, will be alternating weeks from Mur, Evenings at Cafe Ohlone, and the menu will change every week.  

You can now reserve directly through our website!

As the seasons change, you will find new greens on our menu, minty-fresh first growth leaves, Indian potatoes, and native onions, along with the edible flowers and rich seeds that come from a blossoming, living world that has been invigorated with rain. We are grateful for all that our homeland provides; the foods we gather are rooted in our culture and delicious to our palates.

‘ammamak, let’s eat!