himmen • first



acorn bisque served with local wildflower honey + walnut milk

acorn flour crispy sage leaves served with bay oil aioli

soft boiled quail eggs served with walnut oil + bay salt

Indian lettuce and sorrel salad with elderberry + walnut oil served with blackberries, huckleberry, poppies and toasted pine nuts, soft boiled quail eggs + popped amaranth

local seaweed tacos served on acorn flatbread + bay salt

'uṭṭin • second

IMG_2912 2-2.JPG

venison meatballs with crushed yerba buena, huckleberry + local mushrooms served with laurel-infused blackberry dipping sauce

sokoote (bay laurel) crispy duck breast served with berries two ways — first sauce with wild stawberry + bay laurel, second sauce made with blackberry + yerba buena. also served with local laurel-infused mushrooms, toasted pine nuts + popped amaranth

yerba buena roasted venison backstrap served with duck fat sauteed sorrel, local laurel-infused mushrooms + local blackberries

venison and local mushroom stew chanterelle, oyster and morel mushrooms, pine needles, yerba buena + bay laurel. brodiaea potatoes added when available

acorn flatbread with venison cooked with local mushrooms, crushed blackberries + yerba buena served with duck fat sauteed dandelion greens + savory hazelnut butter

acorn flatbread with seasonal Indian lettuces and local mushrooms served with a wild strawberry and bay laurel sauce + savory hazelnut butter

kaphan • third

IMG_4370 2.JPG

acorn flour brownies with walnuts + sea salt

chia pudding served with sweet walnut milk, local berries + toasted hazelnuts

yerba buena + bay laurel sorbet

seasonal, local berries (huckleberries, wild strawberries, blackberries, salal berries, currants) with honey drizzle 

sweet acorn pancake with hazelnut butter spread, blackberries + honey drizzle

sweet california buckwheat pancake with hazelnut butter spread, huckleberries + honey drizzle

sweet pinole seed cakes black + white chia seeds, popped amaranth seeds + covered in caramelized honey

'uwetton • drink

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rose hip tea

yerba buena tea

elderberry cider

manzanita cider

blackberry + bay laurel soda

white sage tea

Note: Our menu changes regularly due to the seasonality of Ohlone foods. To find out what we are cooking with seasonal ingredients please contact us.