mak-huššištak • our vision

We envision a full revival of Ohlone Indian food traditions as a part of the larger, ongoing cultural restoration that empowers Ohlone people to decolonize ourselves of layers of forcibly imposed identity and return to an identity that is aligned with that of our ancestors.

In order to create food that is truly Ohlone and representative of the values our traditional cuisine upholds we have had to reconnect with specific food traditions of our communities, both ones that are practiced by elders in our families, as well as reconnecting with older food traditions that – while not actively practiced – are preserved in ethnographic documentation recorded by our communities in 1920s and 1930s. Through these methods, we are able to reawaken food traditions and bring these values and foods back into our lives and homes.

Through this process, we have reintroduced Ohlone dietary laws to ourselves and our communities. We know for certain that there are foods our ancestral communities did not eat before contact with outsiders, some because they were forbidden, others because they simply did not exist in California before they were introduced here. We also know that there are introduced foods our people had cultural restrictions against after contact.

All of our food stays as close as possible to the standards of our old ways of eating.

Traditional Ohlone cuisine is free of:

Gluten of any kind – including wheat

Refined and processed sugars





Beans and legumes, including peanuts

Alcohol of any kind


Processed foods

Anything artificial

Essentially, we only eat and utilize food that existed in California, and even more specifically the SF + Monterey Bay Area, before contact with outsiders. To do this, we gather in our indigenous homelands of the East Bay and the Carmel Valley for fruits, spices, nuts, herbs and teas and other selected items we can attain. Due to a lack of land under our stewardship as the result of the US government not recognizing the Ohlone people, as well as encroaching urbanization in our homelands, we have had to secure sustainable methods for game and other ingredients that are not as readily attainable so that we can create beautiful Ohlone foods that are prepared with our food ethos in mind.

Are you an Indigenous farmer/hunter/traditional gatherer and would you like to discuss a partnership with us? Please contact us here.

Our food is full of power, and our food dispels stereotypes. Our food connects us to those we love, and to our land, which we also love. By eating, cherishing and respecting these old foods and fully embracing our Ohlone culture, we honor our identities and the people we come from.



We are Ohlone

It is our primary goal to revive and strengthen Ohlone Indian food traditions to honor who we come from, where we come from and strengthen our community's health through traditional cuisine. We hope to elevate the consciousness of non-Indigenous people of the living, original culture, cuisine and flavors of the Bay Area.